About Us

Sam's property journey started at the age of 20, purchasing his first buy to let property whilst living at home with his parents. Having viewed this property as his "retirement" he proceeded to rent it out for the next three years simply covering the cost the mortgage.

In 2015 Sam attended a 3 hour free seminar on property investing, the rest as they say is history.....this seminar led him to continue to invest in himself and further his property knowledge and personal development. The first investment property together came shortly after converting a three-bed run-down semi-detached property into a beautiful four bed family home. The property certainly was testing, however having sold it at a profit it was a valuable learning experience.

Elgie Properties was founded in 2017, which has gone onto quickly expand its property portfolio in Derby and nationally, providing high end quality living at affordable costs.

Sam wants to use his knowledge and experience to help as many people as possible achieve their full potential and gain their own financial freedom through property.